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This is the deposit for the couples retreat 13-15th September 2024.

Embark on a transformative journey at our couples retreat, designed to deepen your bond and reignite the spark and connection with your partner.

Luxuriate in soothing hot tubs and invigorating ice baths, creating moments of blissful connection. Engage in heart-opening breathwork sessions, cultivating intimacy and understanding.

Energise your bodies with tailored fitness activities, fostering teamwork and mutual support. Delight in culinary delights and wine tasting experiences, savoring the flavors of love and togetherness.

Escape the ordinary and embrace extraordinary connection at our enchanting retreat for couples.

Couples Retreat (Deposit)

  • This is a non refundable $499 deposit.

    Total amount $2499 for two.

    Early bird price $1999 for two.

    Includes all meals, accommodation and activities.

    Final of payment is due 2nd August 2024

  • We can tailor a payment plan for you if you require. Please email us.

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