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Sarah is renowned for her sold-out retreats that create a sanctuary for connection, growth, and relaxation. Immerse in nature's beauty, savor exquisite feasts, and enjoy invigorating movement and health modalities. Explore scenic bushwalks, embrace mesmerizing sunsets, and indulge in local world-class wine tasting. Don't miss this lifetime opportunity to transform amidst beauty, balance, and meaningful connections.

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Pilates Bliss Retreat with Sarah and Mel

February 23-25th 2024


Embrace a weekend of rejuvenation through invigorating Pilates sessions, refreshing ice baths, and immersive nature experiences. Elevate your movement practice, indulge in delicious food and wine, and connect with like-minded women who prioritise self-care. Join us to prioritise yourself and unlock a weekend of wellness and connections.

Winter Wellness Retreat

June 14-16 2024

Replaced with Womens Healing Retreat run by Psychologists Sarah and her colleague Sara.




Journey Within: A Mindfulness Retreat

August 16-18 2024

sold out

Breathe, Move, Connect. Join us for a transformative experience surrounded by the beauty of nature. Discover the power of breath work, yoga, nourishing meals ,mindfulness and movement. Embrace the company of beautiful souls, forging connections with yourself and others. It's a week of self-discovery and serenity you won't want to miss

Couples Connection Retreat

September 13-15 2024

sold out

Embark on a transformative journey at our couples retreat, designed to deepen your bond and reignite the spark and connection with your partner.


Luxuriate in soothing hot tubs and invigorating ice baths, creating moments of blissful connection. Engage in heart-opening breathwork sessions, cultivating intimacy and understanding.


Refresh and Renew Retreat

Oct 25-17 2024

sold out

Indulge in rejuvenating hikes amidst breathtaking mountains, followed by moments of relaxation, laughter, and connection. Savor exquisite food and fine wine that nourish both body and soul. Join us for unforgettable experiences that combine fun, exercise, and the joy of resetting in nature's embrace.

Neurodivergent Retreats

Neurodivergent Teens  April 22-24

October 21-23rd

Neurodivergent Young adults Nov 22-24th

waitlists closed

Due to overwhelming demand for our neurodivergent retreats this year, waitlist shave currently been closed. If you would like more information- please contact Sarah at

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Ultimate Women's Retreats with Sarah

$1299 per person

(early bird was $999)

Couples retreat Retreats with Sarah

$1999 per couple (early bird)

$2499 per couple

  Twin Share Rooms (separate beds) across 3 Cabins

Some Retreats will Offer Glamping Options too

~ includes all food, accommodation & experiences ~

Group Booking Discount- if you have group of 4+ girls coming together- we offer a $100 per person discount off your final balance and do our best to  guarantee you all in the same cabin. * Excludes early bird pricing. 

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