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August 16-18 2024- Journey Inward: A Mindfulness Retreat ðŸŒ¿ Breathe, Move, Connect. Join us for a transformative experience surrounded by the beauty of nature. Discover the power of breath work, yoga, nourishing meals ,mindfulness and movement. Embrace the company of beautiful souls, forging connections with yourself and others. It's a week of self-discovery and serenity you won't want to miss


This non-refundable deposit guarantees your place at our 'Ultimate Girls Weekend' in August 2024 at the ealry bird price of $999 (normally $1299).


The outstanding balance is due six weeks prior to the event.


Group Booking Discount- if you have groupf of 4+ girls coming together- we offer a $100per person discount off your final balance and guarantee you all in the same cabin. 

(excludes early bird pricing).


August 16-18 Journey Inward: A Mindfulness Retreat 🌿

  • Secure your place at our Ultimate Girls Retreat!


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